What if we could help people get out of the weeds to focus on what’s important?

Out of the Weeds Consulting was founded by Jim Ransier with the premise that a lot of amazing leaders in business get buried in the weeds and day-to-day minutiae of work. Having come from the start-up world, Jim excelled at juggling the volume and variety of work on any given day. He learned that the speed of a start-up is a mindset and being able to toggle across many departments of an organization is a skill, both of which many growing organizations need. Most importantly, many leaders know what they want to do for their business but lack the time needed to really execute the vision. That’s where Jim decided he could help the most.

Our goal is to be both “do-ers” and “thinkers”

Consulting shouldn’t be someone sitting in a conference room telling you what you already know. It should be someone doing the work as much as leading the conversation. That’s the life of a start-up too, each person having full autonomy over the strategy, tactics and execution.

Think of us like Mary Poppins: she dropped in on the wind, immediately created sustainable structure & systems, fixed the underlying problems and created lasting personal relationships with leadership and her team. That’s what Jim loves to do for work and that’s why Mary Poppins is his role model.

I'm Ready


You can give [him] practically any operational problem and he'll not only come up with creative solutions, but also knows how to get things done in an accelerated manner with outstanding results. His integrity and work ethic are unrivaled. Jim is clearly a 1st round draft pick to any size company that needs an immediate contributor who doesn't have to be hand-held to execute against strategic priorities.

Marc SchneiderCOO @ Zulily | COO & President @ Zebit

He operated like a General Manager, touching almost every aspect of the company: social media planning, email marketing, brand and marketing strategy, production operations, fulfillment operations, customer service, and finance. His ability to look at processes, business challenges and opportunities is uncanny and so appreciated. He regularly gave me recommendations that had tangible, immediate impact on me and the business.

Jenny FortOwner of Lu.

Jim played a prominent role in the success of RedEnvelope's launch of its customer service organization. As it was a new company, he helped build many of the processes and procedures. He cares and is committed.

Mary MulcahyDirector of Customer Service @ RedEnvelope & FTD Companies